May 10, 2017

Exhibitor Rates & Info

There are four categories of vendors and exhibitors at SLC VegFest: non-profit exhibitors, commercial exhibitors, prepared food vendors, and restaurant vendors. All SLC VegFest vendors and exhibitors are required to review and sign an exhibitor contract as a pre-condition of participating in SLC VegFest. Many of the contractual requirements, especially those for food vendors, simply reflect local fire, safety, and health regulations, as well as the requirements placed on the festival organizers by the city. Below are most of the stipulations contained in this contract.

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Non-profit Exhibitors $125 ($100 early bird registration before July 1st)

  • Non-profit exhibitors are welcome to sell (non-food) products and merchandise.
  • Must provide proof of 501(c)3 status.

Commercial Exhibitors $175 ($150 early bird registration before July 1st)

  • Commercial exhibitors include any exhibitor looking to sell non-food products or services.
  • Encouraged to provide product samples if appropriate.
  • Preference will be given to commercial exhibitors selling products that are an alternative to animal products (cruelty-free cosmetics, vegan clothing, etc.)

Prepared Food Vendors $175 ($150 early bird registration before July 1st)

  • If you are providing pre-packaged food that was prepared in a commercial kitchen in advance of the event, you are considered a prepared food vendor.
  • Bakery vendors can be considered prepared food vendors if they store whole pastries in a display case and put them into to-go containers on site, so long as proper means of sanitation are used (ex. thongs to avoid touching pastries).
  • Food vendors are encouraged to bring free samples. We anticipate 5,000 attendees, so we encourage vendors to plan accordingly.

Restaurant Vendors $225 ($200 early bird registration before July 1st)

  • If you will be preparing food on-site, you are considered a restaurant vendor.
  • Each restaurant vendor is responsible for acquiring and posting a Temporary Food Permit.
    • Permit must be obtained from the Salt Lake County Health Department Food Protection Bureau at least 12 days prior to the event.
    • Food carts/trucks with permanent permits are not required to have the permit, but must operate within the requirements of their permanent permit.
  • At least one person with a current Food Handler Card must be present in the booth at all times.
  • As per the Temporary food permit, Food Vendors must have the following minimum structural requirements:
    • A roof, awning, or other covering, impermeable to weather, over the entire food preparation service, clean-up and storage area;
    • Two side walls (not screening) which will reduce the entry of dust and dirt, and exclude non-authorized persons;
    • The front service wall shall be a counter, half-wall, or table draped to the floor. The back wall may be open for employee access, or solid if desired;
    • All cooking equipment utilized at the food booths shall be at least 4 feet from the public; and
    • All open flame cooking devices shall meet the requirements of the local fire code. Contact Salt Lake City Fire Department for details.
  • Restaurant Vendors are responsible for their own proper refrigeration.
  • Although no permit is required through the fire department, please see their general requirements for cooking tents.
  • All Restaurant Vendors will be supplied with a hand wash station. All waste water must be disposed of properly in the waste tank.
  • All booth space for restaurant vendors will be on the road (200 East).
  • Restaurant vendors are responsible for using products that are recyclable or compostable.
  • Exact electricity needs must be coordinated with the event organizers before the event.
  • Violation of rules set by the Temporary Food Permit will result in immediate closure of booth without refund.