June 26, 2017


Lauren with PB&J

Lauren Lockey

The Plant Powered Lifestyle: Why Our Food Choices Matter
Time: 12:30 PM

 Sage Mountain’s mission is to shift the paradigm of animal consumption in Park City and beyond through the advocacy of whole food plant powered living, a farmed animal sanctuary, educational programming and outreach throughout the community. Lauren brings her leadership, passion, and knowledge to Sage Mountain and the animal rights movement.  Through sharing her own experience of choosing a plant powered lifestyle coupled with education and advocacy, Lauren empowers those around her to make choices based on compassion and kindness. Once we know the facts, a higher consciousness is at play. We not only take responsibility for our daily choices, we become increasingly aware of the power these choices have on everything and everyone around us. That's when we truly make the world a better place for ALL beings. 


Chris Shapard

Chris Shapard

The Plant Powered Lifestyle: Why Our Food Choices Matter
Time: 12:30 PM

Chris Shapard is the Salt Lake City director for the Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC), an educational nonprofit dedicated to empowering people to save animals, the environment and our own health through our daily food choices. Chris has presented to high school and college classrooms all over the Salt Lake City area, reaching thousands of local students. Born and raised in Park City, Utah, Chris graduated from the University of Utah and found his way into animal advocacy work shortly after. He is also an avid skier and teaches young local skiers in Park City during the winter.
Chris Shapard

Craig Gordon

The Plant Powered Lifestyle: Why Our Food Choices Matter
Time: 12:30 PM

With nearly 30 years of on- the- snow experience, Craig is an integral part of Utah’s snow and avalanche community. In addition to his forecast duties, Craig is seen regularly on local and national TV, and hosts a Sunday morning segment on Fox News 13 detailing the current statewide avalanche conditions .

As a vegan athlete and trainer with a Cornell University certificate in whole food, plant-based nutrition, Craig fuels his body with plants. He has a solid understanding in how to best optimize nutrition and a passion to share this knowledge helping you reach your peak performance.

Vic Sjodin

Vic Sjodin

Animal Activism and Veganism: How to Get Involved and Speak Up
Time: 1:30 PM

Vic Sjodin started as a community organizer in Philadelphia.   He then left Philadelphia in Fall of 2001 to begin a 6 year, 2100 day roadtrip spreading veganism. Victor has leafletted or spoken at over 650 universities and colleges in 10 different countries.  Currently he is the director of Outreach for the non-profit Vegan Outreach.  His main passion is getting others involved in helping further this noble social evolution.  He loves to share practical ways on how anyone can get involved in activism, and also his pros and cons on how to talk to people about veganism one-on-one.  



Wayne Hsiung, DxE Co-Founder

Keynote Speaker: Wayne Hsiung

Operation Deathstar: Rescuing Lily from Circle Four
Time: 2:30 PM

From saving dogs in Yulin, China to liberating birds from the White House's turkey farm, DxE co-founder Wayne Hsiung has made animal rescue his mission in life. But even a decade of experience could not prepare him for what he found at a massive pig farm in Utah: human slavery, environmental devastation, and the screams of a thousand mother pigs slamming their heads against the cage walls. 

This real-life Okja story will change the way you think about food, justice, and the urgency of the vegan movement. 


Alisha Barker

Alisha Barker RN, BSN

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer- Oh My! Disease Prevention Through a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet. 
Time: 3:30 PM

Alisha is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of Utah. She has 10 years of critical care experience and now specializes in preventive cardiology. Throughout her career, Alisha has cared for many patients who suffer from the debilitating effects of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.  She is passionate about empowering her patients and everyone around her to take control of their health. Alisha experienced firsthand the power of a whole-food, plant-based diet and is now free from debilitating migraines that plagued her for 15 years. Alisha is a certified Food For Life Cooking Instructor through the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine. Her mission is to share the message of nutrition and health through a plant based diet to save her community from a growing list of preventable chronic diseases.


Matt Dominguez

Matthew Dominguez

Nonhuman Rights Project
Time: 4:30 PM

Matthew Dominguez is the Nonhuman Rights Project's Director of Public Affairs and Government Relations. He graduated with honors from California State University in Sacramento with a B.A. in Business Administration and a minor in Philosophy. He graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2011 with a specialization in animal law. Previously, Matt served as Director of Public Policy for the Farm Animal Protection Campaign at the Humane Society of the United States. As Director of Public Policy for the Humane Society of the United States, Matthew pioneered the organization’s legislative campaigns to protect farmed animals from abuse. He is responsible for advancing legislation that outlawed some of the worst factory farming cruelties while leading the organization’s efforts to defeat over thirty anti-whistleblowers “ag-gag” bills. His work has been covered by the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and other major outlets across the country. He has now turned his attention to gaining legal rights for nonhuman animals.


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